Should you varnish a sauna? will it fade

The color of the sauna board will not fade, because the color of most of the sauna boards is not applied. If it is the color of the paint on it, it may fade with time, but if it is the sauna board itself, then on the surface After the varnish is applied, it will not change color or fade. Of course, all materials have their shortcomings, even steel is the same, there is no 100% perfect material, if it is used for outdoor wind and sun exposure, Then it is very likely that the color will gradually become darker due to the exposure of the sun and the washing of rain.

Will the sauna board rot? The sauna boards produced by regular manufacturers are made of imported dry materials. This material has been processed and dehydrated before being imported from abroad. Such materials will not be easily rotten unless the strength of dehydration is strong. Not enough, the sauna board is generally not rotten, but if it is used in an environment with corrosive gases and liquids, because the sauna board is made of pure solid wood with original ecology, under such conditions, the sauna board will produce mildew or be Soften corrosion.
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