smartmak far infrared home sauna room is more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly

As summer is approaching, as a healthy way of keeping healthy in summer, sauna can sweat to escape the heat, promote metabolism, and maintain good health. Therefore, many people are not unfamiliar with the use of sauna for health care. But while enjoying a comfortable sauna, do you know that the sauna you use is environmentally friendly?

People who often use sauna equipment should know that ordinary saunas not only consume more wood, but also have high power and high power consumption. A traditional two-person sauna usually consumes 0.8 cubic meters of wood, occupies a high power of 5000W, and consumes a lot of resources due to its high energy consumption.

smartmak designed the far infrared home sauna with energy saving in mind. It is also a double-type home sauna. The smartmak far-infrared home sauna consumes only 0.4 cubic meters of wood, which is only half of that of a traditional sauna; it needs less power than a traditional sauna. , only 1800W. In this way, a two-person smartmak far-infrared home sauna saves 0.4 cubic meters of wood, takes up less than 3200W of power, and has outstanding energy-saving and emission-reduction effects.

With the hot promotion of low-carbon actions all over the world, low-carbon environmental protection has become a topic that people pay more and more attention to. While doing a good job in health preservation, we can make a contribution to the green, low-carbon and environmental protection cause. , is the responsibility of every consumer.

Smartmak, as a sauna equipment manufacturer, makes its products practical, healthy, fashionable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly is the goal and responsibility of the company. It is precisely by attaching great importance to corporate social responsibility that smartmak has put this responsibility into action. Smartmak has integrated the concepts and actions of energy saving and environmental protection into every product and every family that uses smartmak products.
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