smartmak infrared sauna home health care way to let the skin breathe naturally

As a sauna brand that pays attention to the health of modern people, smartmak sauna has always been committed to seeking a way to ensure health, and the application of far-infrared technology is a breakthrough. The original inspiration of far-infrared technology comes from solar radiation. Part of the light in the solar radiation is beneficial to the human body, and how to incorporate this part of the beneficial light into the sauna room in a feasible way is a research problem. Most sauna brands use industrial infrared heaters, and the creators of smartmak saunas don't think industrial infrared heaters can achieve the desired effect.

The effects of the three types of light are also different. Near-infrared rays are absorbed under the skin surface to stimulate sweat glands to produce sweat; mid-infrared rays penetrate deeper into the soft tissues of the body and promote blood circulation; far-infrared rays penetrate fat cells and promote resonance to expel toxins from the body; The three infrared rays of the full spectrum cooperate with each other to give the body the best sauna experience.

Smartmak's sauna rooms are all designed by doctors, not just recognized by doctors, and the overall construction of the sauna room is mainly fashionable and exquisite, the material is western red cedar, the wood color matches the wood, all solid wood, hand-polished , giving the skin a smooth body feel, and the sauna is equipped with a deeply reversible ergonomic flat bench.
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