Smartmak Outdoor Barrel Sauna(2-3 Person)

Many people like to take a sauna in the bathroom, which is called a comfort. Usually, we go to a public bathroom when we take a sauna. In order to let friends who like to take a sauna have a good experience, smartmak now launches a home sauna.

This outdoor barrel sauna,
Product Name: Smartmak Outdoor Barrel Sauna
Main Material : Solid Wood
Solid Wood Type : Hemlock/Red Cedar
Door Glass: 8 mm tempered glass
Power : 6KW
Heater: 6 KW Electric Stove
Voltage : 220V
Operating Temperature Range: 0°C - 90°C / 32°F - 195°F
Standard Set : Wood pedestal, wooden barrel, wooden spoon, thermohygrometer, timer, electric heating sauna heater, volcanic stone, explosion-proof light., Sandglass, etc.
Application : Courtyard
Usage : Relax, Health,Keepinf fit,Slimming

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