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The 6 Most Beautiful Outdoor Saunas in the World

Solar Egg
Kiruna is a city located in northern Sweden, within the Arctic Circle. In 2017, two artists were commissioned by Swedish housing company Riksbyggen to design an urban sculpture for Kiruna. While searching for inspiration, the two learned that Kiruna is an important local iron ore center. Decades of iron ore mining have caused local land subsidence. Residents are uncertain about where to stay, and the city is also facing Transformation is a problem of relocation. As a result, Mats Bigert and Lars Bergstrm decided to use the shape of an egg to symbolize the "rebirth and hope" of the city.

WA Sauna WA Sauna
What is it like to take a sauna in a lake? Is it an alternation of cool and fiery? Or a double wash of body and mind? Just take a dip in the sauna on Seattle's Lake Union. Designed by design firm goCstudio, the floating sauna is named WA, an acronym for the state of Washington, where Seattle is located. The sauna room has a total area of ​​about 22 square meters and a height of 4 meters. There are 24 plastic buckets of 208 liters at the bottom to ensure that it is in a floating state. The interior of the sauna can accommodate 6 people, and there is a diving platform at the top, and you and your friends can sunbathe on the small deck.

Floating Sauna
At the end of the Hardanger Fjord in Norway, there is a small village called Rosendal. The village has become one of the favorite places for locals because of a floating sauna. The floating sauna was designed by Casagrande & Rintala in 2002 in collaboration with students from the Bergen Academy of Arts. The materials of the sauna are all locally sourced and used as waste: waste wood, oil drums, transparent plastic panels, etc.

DW Sauna DW Sauna
Sauna is an extremely important part of Finnish culture and nothing else can compare to it. A few months old baby has been taken by his parents to experience the sauna for the first time. In Finland, big decisions are also made in the sauna, not in the conference room. This shows the paramount status of saunas in Finland, so it is not surprising to see saunas anywhere in Finland. In the forests of the Åland Islands, there is a movable wooden sauna that London-based architecture firm Denizen Works completed in just nine days. Originally a forest ranger's rest room, a local resident took 12 years to take ownership of the cabin and commissioned Denizen Works to transform it into a sauna.

Soria Moria Sauna
Soria Moria Sauna is located on the banks of Lake Bundak on the Telemark Canal in Sweden. This sauna is actually part of a local art deco project called "Waterway Legends" to show the unique style of the villages and towns along the Telemark Canal. . From the outside, the Soria Moria Sauna is an irregular figure that echoes the steep mountains surrounding Bundak Lake, with a wooden roof inspired by traditional local houses. The exterior of the sauna room is wrapped in gold, like a gem in the mountains.

The Bands Sauna The Bands Sauna
The Bands sauna was designed and built by a group of students from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and is located on an abandoned pier in a fishing village in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway. The sauna appears to be composed of three folded wooden "strips", with cascading wooden supports built against the rocks of the pier, giving a sense of movement across dimensions. The irregular structure also allows sunlight to enter each sauna from all angles.
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