The advantages of far infrared sauna

Far-infrared sauna room is a sauna room that uses infrared rays as a heat source, and it is a new type of sauna room equipment. People go to the sauna to relax and let themselves get rid of physical fatigue. Far infrared saunas have more advantages than traditional saunas, so they are used in many beauty places, bathing centers, fitness centers, resorts, hotels, etc. There is use. The popularity of far-infrared saunas is definitely an advantage.

The volume of the far infrared sauna is smaller than that of the traditional sauna, the installation is simple, and it does not occupy any space.

The far-infrared sauna used in the far-infrared sauna room generates uniform heat, which has obvious advantages compared with the partial heat generation of high-temperature steam.

The far-infrared room feels comfortable in the body, while the traditional sauna room is high temperature, and the traditional sauna room is more suitable for young and middle-aged people with better health, while the far-infrared room is suitable for many types of people.

Far-infrared saunas have a long service life, simple maintenance, and no waste water discharge, while traditional saunas are often unsatisfactory in terms of anti-corrosion and moisture-proof maintenance.

Far-infrared sauna room configuration can be freely selected, digital audio, reading lights, etc., while the tr
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