The advantages of red cedar as a sauna board

Red cedar red cedar sauna boards are dimensionally stable and moisture resistant for environments with high humidity, such as sauna walls, bathroom and kitchen ceilings. Due to the aroma of red cedar (red cedar sauna board), the stronger it is in contact with water, it can inhibit daily bacteria such as fungi and mold during use. It can be used to make cabinet ceilings, wardrobe backboards, etc., which can prevent cockroaches and moths.

1. Red cedar is resistant to high temperature. The wood is treated with anti-corrosion and waterproofing. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and easy cleaning, and visually breaks the visual sense of traditional ceilings.

2. The red cedar sauna board has good texture and is not easy to deform. The sauna board is easy to install and has the characteristics of natural wood. The texture of the sauna board is relatively clear, and it has excellent environmental protection and is not easy to deform.

3. Easy installation The installation method of the red cedar sauna board is generally the plug-in type, which is also a very simple installation method.

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