The Benefits of Alternating Hot and Cold Sauna

Alternating hot and cold in the sauna has the benefits of enhancing resistance and promoting metabolism. Alternating hot and cold water bath is a scientific method of health preservation. Hot and cold water baths can shrink the skin and blood flow to the internal organs, thereby enhancing resistance and preventing arteriosclerosis. It can also promote metabolism and make the skin soft and elastic. It can also treat allergic rhinitis, prevent colds, frostbite, improve breathing, increase lung capacity, speed up blood circulation, make people energetic, and reduce fatigue.

In winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, many people like to go to the steaming sauna after work, and some even go with the whole family.

Notes on using the sauna

1. Remove your makeup before taking the sauna. Do not bring makeup into the sauna, so as not to affect the detoxification effect.

2. It is not advisable to take a sauna when you are oversaturated and fasting. Sauna is a process of static exercise both inside and outside the body. Oversaturation and fasting will cause discomfort to the human body.

3. The first thing to do in a sauna is to perspire. Supplementing water is the most important thing in a sauna. Before entering the sauna, drink an appropriate amount of warm water, which can not only promote perspiration, but also play a role in cooling.

4. During the sauna sauna process, the excess fat in the subcutaneous tissue will be decomposed to form fat sweat and excreted to the body surface. The fat sweat is beneficial to the maintenance of the skin, so it is better not to wipe and rub the body during the sauna bath, so that the body can slowly absorb it.

5. It is not recommended to take a shower within 4 hours of steaming the sauna, and it is not advisable to eat cold drinks within 2 hours to avoid damaging the effect of steaming the sauna.

6. After taking the sauna, do not come out immediately. After the heat dissipates, the body adapts to the temperature outside the sauna room before coming out, so as to avoid physical discomfort caused by the rapid alternation of hot and cold.

7. If you feel dizzy and uncomfortable when using the sauna, you should stop using it immediately, or take a proper rest before steaming.

8. Be careful not to hold back your bowel movements before and after taking a sauna.
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