The difference between a steam room and a sauna room, you will definitely understand after reading these points

There is a difference between a steam room and a sauna, but most of my friends think that the steam room is the same as the sauna. In fact, it is really different. The steam room and the sauna are two different ways, and the decoration methods are different. Different, the materials used are also completely different, the principles are also different, and the people who use them are also different. Let’s take a look at the 7 major differences between sweat steaming and sauna:

1. Origin:

The steam room originated in Korea, but the sauna originated in Finland, and there are different opinions. Most people think that it originated in ancient Rome.

2. Principle:

Compare the Anran Nano Sweat Room with the sauna. The former uses nano air-conditioning quilts that can release biological waves and negative ions. Multifunctional water maker for purifying water and acidic water; while sauna rooms mainly use far infrared sauna stoves and solid wood decorative materials.

3: The principle of heating:

Sweat steam is heated by far-infrared heating plates and heating cables from surface to point, while sauna is heated by sauna furnace, and far-infrared heating tubes are heated from point to surface, and the heating method is completely different.

4: Temperature difference:

a. The steam room is full of biological waves and negative ions, the temperature is kept at 41℃--43℃, and the steaming time is 45 minutes to 60 minutes. During this period of sweating, you will feel refreshed and relaxed and comfortable;

b. The sauna room simply uses water vapor to heat and sweat, and the temperature can reach 70-80 degrees. Because people stay in the sauna room for 5-10 minutes, there will be chest tightness, suffocation and other hypoxia.

5. Time:

Sweat steaming is about 45 minutes each time, it pays attention to a slow and gradual way, while sauna steaming every 10-15 minutes is enough, it is a fast way, the two ways are just opposite .

6. Notes:

a: There is no need to take a bath after sweating. Do not rinse your body within 6 hours after sweating. After the sweat subsides naturally, you will feel smooth, comfortable, elastic and shiny, not sticky or smelly, and your body will be full of vitality.

b: After the sauna, you need to take a bath. The sauna room is high temperature, and the sweat excreted by people has a sour smell, which needs to be washed with water immediately to remove it.

7. Applicable people

Sweat perspiration is milder than sauna perspiration, and can be used by men, women and children of all ages (except for those who are contraindicated). For example, there are many households using solid wood perspiration and light wave rooms, which are good-looking, practical, beautiful, and connotative;

The sauna sweats more violently. It belongs to high temperature sweating. Most men prefer it because the steaming time is relatively short, such as health rooms, water clubs, leisure centers, and some families will choose sauna rooms.

In short, a steam room and a sauna are completely different and should not be confused. Through the comparison of the above 7 points, do you understand? You should also know how to choose!
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