The difference between far infrared sauna box and steam sauna box

Sauna boxes are divided into far-infrared sauna boxes and steam sauna boxes. What is the difference between the two? Are their functions the same?

Steam sauna box, using the principle of thermotherapy, uses a steam engine to deliver steam into the barrel, people sit in it, use water vapor to fumigate the skin, increase the temperature of the body surface, accelerate the activity of skin cells, so that the surface of the skin can be stimulated. The capillaries are all stretched out, and the impurities accumulated in the skin folds are excreted through sweat to achieve the effect of dredging the meridians, increasing blood circulation, detoxifying and beautifying.

After the far-infrared sauna box is used, the body will not feel sticky, and there is no need to take a bath. After the sweat subsides, the skin on the body will be smooth and delicate; while the steam sauna box will be sticky after use. a feeling of. How to choose, everyone's opinion is different, some people just like the feeling brought by far infrared rays, and some people like the feeling brought by steam, no matter which sauna box you choose, it is all about the health of your body. A responsible attitude!
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