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The difference between hemlock wood and red cedar wood in a sauna

Answer: Canadian hemlock: clear annual rings, elegant and uniform wood color, straight and uniform texture, fine wood, moderate hardness, high flexural strength and natural anti-corrosion ability, can keep the shape of the device well in the drying process, And it will gradually harden, dimensionally stable after drying, and has a low tendency to crack.

Canadian red cedar (cedar): is the highest grade of preservative wood. Its excellent anti-corrosion ability comes from an alcohol called Thujaplicins that grows naturally; in addition, an acid called Thujic that can be extracted from red cedar ensures that the wood is not eroded by insects and does not need to be artificially Corrosion and pressure treatment. Red cedar has excellent stability, long service life, and is not easy to deform. In addition, it is also suitable for high humidity environments.
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