The difference between steam and sauna

Many people don't know the difference between sweat steam and sauna, so let's briefly introduce the difference between the two:

First of all, the sweat steam is electric heating, the temperature is not as high as that of the sauna, it is between 38 and 43 degrees, it is dry, and there is no moisture. Take a deep breath and you will feel the air is cool. Before sweating, you need to take a bath and wash your body. After sweating, you must dry it naturally. During this period, you can do massage, beauty, and other services.

In about an hour of steaming, the skin will change in 20 minutes, become white, tender and delicate. If you drink and get drunk, you will be restored to the same sober state before drinking;

After one time, on the premise of not taking a bath within 4-9 hours, the whole body will feel as comfortable as a layer of powder that night, and you will enter a deep sleep that night. Generally, individuals will not dream, and all cells will be rested;

After steaming for 7-12 days, the body and spirit will be significantly changed, the skin will be smooth 24 hours a day, and the pores will be significantly reduced; after 20 days, the pigmentation will be significantly degraded, and the symptoms of hair loss will be significantly improved. After steaming, all feedback information and opinions, such as some inflammatory diseases and chronic diseases have been significantly improved, of course, this effect is also based on individual physical acceptance;

At present, there are many contractors for the steam room, and smartmak reminds everyone to be careful to verify.
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