The Finns tell you how to take a sauna

smoke sauna
The smoke sauna (Savusauna) is the most traditional sauna in Finland.

ice sauna
The ice sauna is actually a sauna house built with ice and snow. In order to prevent the ice house from melting too quickly, the stove is heated outside the house and then used inside the house.

herbal sauna
The herbs themselves have a calming effect, help muscles relax, promote blood circulation, and relieve mental tension, which is a further step in the healing function of sauna.

wood burning sauna
A wood-fired sauna, as the name suggests, is a wood-heated sauna, and is a very traditional form of sauna, especially in summer.

mobile sauna
The Finns simply wanted to take their sauna with them, so they invented the "mobile sauna".

Hot Cube Sauna
The Hot Cube Sauna is a wood structure sauna that is easy to install and transport. It is built on the water surface using buoys or beams. The design is very simple but not simple. The air seeps into the house through the gap, and at this moment just need to enjoy the burning bonfire quietly.

Ferris wheel sauna
With the cable car sauna, you probably also know the Finns' spirit of "everything can be a sauna". They have extended their claws to the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel by the sea in the center of Helsinki finally has a sauna, which is called the world's first sauna. A sauna on a Ferris wheel.

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