The most common sauna questions and answers

What kind of sauna is better?

Far-Infrared: Far-infrared wavelengths can penetrate the deepest parts of the skin and into the body, making far-infrared saunas the first choice for many people looking for the most powerful treatments.

How much does it cost to open a sauna for 1 hour?

For example, a 1,000-watt sauna that runs for an hour will typically use 1 kWh of electricity - which would cost you about 12 cents in the US.

What kind of door do you use in your sauna?

Glass doors allow soft light into your sauna. All glass sauna doors are specially designed for sauna use. The glass used in the door is tempered safety glass.

Why are sauna doors made of glass?

The seal keeps the heat in the sauna and ensures that the door closes smoothly. Glass doors add brightness and impression to the space. They're also safer, making it easier for you to babysit in the sauna.

What is the best wood for a sauna?

Western red cedar is our preferred wood for saunas. The cedar is colorful and varied in shades and is stable, yet soft, and will not deform under the heat and humidity changes that are prevalent in saunas. Cedar also has a low density, making it a good insulator, heating up and cooling quickly.
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