The origin of the mobile sauna

The Finns wanted to take their sauna with them, so they invented the "mobile sauna". Sauna tents are the most traditional type. You can take a sauna wherever you go. There are also sauna cars, sauna boats, and even saunas in fire trucks and saunas in telephone booths. , I can't help but praise their wit!

Hot Cube Sauna
The Hot Cube Sauna is a wood structure sauna that is easy to install and transport. It is built on the water surface by using buoys or beams. The design is very simple but not simple. And the air seeps into the house through the gap, just enjoy the burning bonfire quietly at this moment.

Cable car sauna
In Ylläs, Finnish Lapland, after skiing you can take a wooden Sauna Gondola cruising high up the slopes, the outside temperature reaches -12°C, while you are in a steaming sauna Looking at the snow-covered world outside, it is simply refreshing.

Ferris wheel sauna
With the cable car sauna, you probably also know the Finns' spirit of "everything can be a sauna". They have extended their claws to the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel by the sea in the center of Helsinki finally has a sauna, which is called the world's first sauna. A sauna on a Ferris wheel. While steaming the sauna overlooking the Baltic Sea, it is really a different kind of romance~

Burger King Sauna
Burger King Sauna Burger King also followed the local customs and launched the "Burger King Sauna Store" across the border. This sauna room is located downstairs in the restaurant and can be used by 15 guests who love both burgers and saunas at the same time. Eat Burger King while steaming in the sauna, do you want to try this brain-opening game?
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