The principle and function of far infrared sauna

Far infrared is an invisible light. Although the effect on the human body is developed relatively late, it has been proved that it is closely related to the physiological reflection of the human body, especially the light beam in the 5.6-15μm band, which produces a physiological activation phenomenon on the human body. Helps improve the body's ability to regulate. Therefore, it has attracted great attention from the medical community and has been widely used in medical treatment. It is called "the light of fertility" by experts.

What are the benefits of a far infrared sauna?

Infrared rays penetrate body tissues, deeply cleanse skin pores and tissues while removing toxins. You'll find your skin takes on a beautiful color and texture that makes you feel good.

For those trying to lose weight, this sauna removes weight-loss-inhibiting toxins from fat cells. A sauna combined with proper diet and exercise will benefit the entire body.

An infrared sauna is an ideal way to reduce pain and stress. It promotes blood circulation in damaged parts of the body and relieves stress.

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