These 5 tips for saving money on sauna decoration

These 5 tips for saving money on sauna decoration

The sauna company will not tell you these 5 tips for saving money in the decoration of the steam room. Friends who want to install a steam room do not know where to start, so you must take a look first.

1. Types of sauna rooms
Professional and responsible companies will recommend styles according to your actual situation, and some will do whatever you want. There are many types of saunas, not all people in the industry can't figure it out, and some are just gimmicks to change their names. It feels so big and expensive, but in fact it doesn't, it just adds money in disguise.

2. Wiring and wiring are very important
It is fireproof, fireproof and wear-resistant, and it can also prevent mice from biting. Some companies use yellow wax pipes, which are cheap and fast in construction, but will affect your later life.

3. Use consumables and electrical appliances well
For example, the selection of materials for spotlights, light strips, air switches, thermostats, etc. will affect the quotation and your use cost in the later stage, so don’t just look at the price, look at the value, and have a long-term vision.

4. Dedicated line
It is necessary to pull a group of special lines from the main gate to the door of the steam room (salt steam room, light wave room, sauna room), and the zero line, the live line, the ground line, and the ground line must be effectively grounded, and this step cannot be omitted.

5. Household and commercial will be different
You must not make a salt steam room for home use, and don’t do it no matter how beautiful it is. Many sauna decorations will not tell you, because the frequency of household use is low, and salt products are particularly easy to melt, which will increase the humidity in the room. Once the salt products melt, The appearance will also become ugly, and it will also affect other decorations that cannot be used. In severe cases, the steam room will not be able to be used. The salt steam room is really not suitable for home use.

There are specialties in the surgery industry. As a 15-year company, these suggestions for you will make the steam room you choose really easy to use and greatly improve your happiness!
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