Things People Who Love Saunas Don't Know

As we mentioned before, the great thing about a dry sauna is that it doesn't require running water, so you don't have to install it near plumbing. However, you will need a power source (lights, heaters). So, if you want to take a sauna outside, the sauna must be relatively close to the main building. We recommend hiring an electrician to install the sauna, and when you want how big a sauna is, the rule of thumb is to sit up two feet per person, not stacked. Also, if you want to do it like a real Finn, you should consider showering nearby several times in a row before and after the sauna.

Of course, you'll also be asking, "How much will this thing cost me?" We've found that the most affordable and customizable option is a DIY sauna pack (not as scary as it sounds), which starts at around $2,000.

In terms of effect, saunas are actually very close to moderate-to-low-intensity aerobic exercise. When we are exercising, the core temperature of the body will increase, and the sauna can also increase the core temperature of the body through the effect of a short-term high temperature environment (80-100 ° C), and through this thermal stimulation, the body will produce some Lists healthy metabolic responses, such as promoting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, boosting metabolism, improving endurance performance, improving neurocognitive function, relieving anxiety, and more.
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