Those questions about the smartmak sauna

The product can be folded, convenient and portable, light and elegant.

The product is easier to stretch, and the space inside the box is relatively large after unfolding,In the sauna, there is a transparent mold in front of it, which can clearly see the face and the front.

Product features

The material is a waterproof and vapor-proof cloth, which is made by sewing.

How about a steam sauna box?

The temperature of the sauna is 80-90 degrees. Hold for 10 minutes each time. When you take a bath, you will sweat a lot, your metabolism will speed up, and it will also be of great help to friends who lose fat.

How long to steam in a steam sauna

Hello, I'm very happy to answer your questions. I have a general understanding of the hope that a steam sauna can promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, remove excess blood lipids, discharge vascular waste, enhance blood vessel elasticity, and promote smooth blood flow. Dispelling cold and reducing inflammation, insisting on long-term fumigation has a good physical therapy effect on rheumatoid arthritis. three active legs

Which brand of steam sauna box is good

The steam sauna box perspiration machine uses the principle of thermotherapy, and uses a steam engine to deliver steam into the barrel. People sit in it and use water steam to fumigate the skin, increase the temperature of the body surface, and accelerate the activity of skin cells, thereby allowing the skin to heal. The capillaries on the surface are stretched out, and the impurities accumulated in the skin folds are excreted through sweat.

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