Three Sauna Questions Frequently Asked by Customers

1.What is the best material for outdoor sauna?

Cedar is one of the most popular and traditional sauna wood types, especially for outdoor saunas. Cedar is durable enough to withstand most harsh outdoor conditions. It's also known for its resistance to decay, making it a very worthwhile investment.

2.What to look for when buying an outdoor sauna?

Here some important safety factors to consider:
new sauna should be made from 100% non-toxic materials.
Safety glass. Glass doors and windows should be tempered safety glass.
Timer with automatic shut-down.
Electrical certification.
Low EMF and low ELF levels.

3.Is buying a sauna worth it?

The biggest benefit of an in-home sauna is that it allows you to have a luxurious spa-like retreat in the convenience of your own home. You have the privacy of your own space that also provides a relaxing, stress-free experience whenever you need it.

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