What about home infrared saunas?

The far-infrared sauna room adopts a new type of far-infrared heating film, which combines the advantages of sauna and sunbathing, emits far-infrared rays to generate resonance and generates heat, allowing people to enjoy sweating At the same time, it accelerates the metabolism in the human body, activates cells, clears the meridians, and adjusts the microcirculation of the human body.

First, the benefits of far infrared sauna

1. Improve the body's ability to adjust

Far-infrared rays are a kind of invisible light. Although the development of the effect on the human body is relatively late, it has been proved that it is closely related to the physiological reflection of the human body, especially the 5.6-15 μm band beam, which produces physiological activation on the human body and helps to improve the human body’s self-esteem. The ability to regulate has attracted great attention from the medical community and is widely used in medical treatment, and is called "fertility light" by experts.

2. Promote metabolism

Far-infrared rays act on the human body and have three main characteristics: one is radiation, the other is strong penetration, and the third is absorption, resonance and resonance. The surface of the human body receives far-infrared rays, which are conducted and penetrated from the surface to the inside, and are absorbed to produce a warming effect, which resonates and resonates with the tissue cells in the body, and promotes activity.

And because of the warming effect, the human body's microvessels expand, the self-discipline is strengthened, and the blood circulation is accelerated. Due to the resonance and resonance, the active response of cells is enhanced, and the exchange of substances between cells and blood is accelerated, thereby promoting the metabolism of the body. This is the principle of the effect of far infrared rays on the human body.

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