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What are the advantages of far infrared sauna?

The far-infrared sauna equipment developed and produced by smartmak breaks through the concept of "sweat steaming" in traditional saunas. The far-infrared sauna room developed by smartmak has continued to innovate and optimize in terms of heat source control, comfort and appearance design. A good foundation has been laid for growth.

In terms of integrated technology application, smartmak integrates and innovates various technologies such as far-infrared conversion and energy efficient utilization technology, multiple safety protection, and intelligent control into home sauna products, and extends, transforms, and grafts a variety of health care and physiotherapy products on this product. , leisure function.

With the improvement of domestic living standards and changes in consumption concepts, the company's main business scale has gradually expanded. Compared with domestic counterparts, the company has obvious leading advantages in industry status, independent brand, comprehensive technology, marketing network, team incentive and innovation ability.
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