What are the advantages of portable sauna steamer

The portable sauna steamer is easy to fold and open without installation, the portable case is the advantage of the product.

Value for money: Enjoy a full-body sauna with a hat on, a relaxing spa after a long day at work, save the expense of an outdoor spa, and spend more time with your family.

EASY TO USE: Double side zipper design, easy in and out, the neckline of the sauna tent is adjustable, anti-drying, safe and reliable, the inner material is easy to wipe and dry.

Multifunctional: Use as a steam sauna, massage and physical box. Effective: Removes toxins and loses weight through cold sweat.

The temperature can be adjusted by remote control at will, with high safety performance, anti-riot, anti-dry burning, and water-free automatic power-off device, which is safe and secure, and does not need to be installed.
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