What are the benefits of a wooden sauna?

In fact, we basically all know that our common sauna rooms are made of wood, but we don’t know much about the efficacy of wooden sauna rooms. Use may have greater protection. In the end, what are the main functions of the wooden sauna, the following editor will take you to find out.

Wooden Sauna Function | Detoxification

Various toxins accumulated in the human body, such as heavy metal ions lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, etc., alcohol and nicotine destroy the inherent dynamic balance of the human body and become a hidden danger of various diseases. Through the activation of human cells, the light wave bath room can effectively adjust the homeostasis and promote the excretion of harmful substances from the body through sweat, but it will not excrete the necessary nutrients for the human body, which is of great help to balance the metabolism in the body.

Wooden sauna function | Beautify skin light

With the increase of age, the blood supply to the skin begins to decline, the microcirculation is poor, and the insufficient supply of cell nutrients leads to the relaxation of the skin, the reduction of elasticity, and the formation of dark spots, brown spots and wrinkles. Lightwave bath room can unclog skin capillaries, improve skin microcirculation, enhance the supply of nutrients, nourish cells, improve skin permeability and self-cleaning ability, maintain skin health, and delay aging.
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