What do you need to prepare for a sauna

hat to prepare for a sauna

1. When taking a sauna, you should bring a bath towel, a set of clothes to be changed after bathing, a swimsuit to wear in public spaces and swimming, and a small towel. A small towel is used for health considerations to be placed on the wooden chairs in the sauna room. Before taking the sauna, you must first step into the dressing room, change your clothes and accessories, and then take a bath in the shower room before you can enter the sauna room.

Things to pay attention to when steaming:

1. During the steaming process, do not often go back and forth in the steaming room, because the temperature inside the room is very different from that outside the room, and it is easy to catch a cold.

2. During the steaming process, do not rub your body, just wipe it gently with a towel, otherwise the sweat glands will be blocked and the toxins cannot be detoxified normally.

3. Remember to properly replenish the water your body needs, but don't drink a lot of water because you sweat a lot.

4. If you feel unwell during the steaming process, you should leave the steaming room immediately, go to the rest room to relax for about ten minutes, and enter only after the symptoms have eased.

5. You cannot take a bath within 8 hours after the sweat is steamed, because all the pores on the body are in a state of opening and detoxification during this time. If you take a bath at this time, it is easy to cause the hair follicles to expand and cause some skin diseases.
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