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What do you put under your barrel sauna?

There are a variety of materials that can be used as a base for a barrel sauna, but the most popular materials include concrete slabs, flagstones, wooden platforms, brick pavers, and compressed gravel. If your barrel sauna takes place in your home, any floor type is suitable, but carpeting is not recommended.

1. What are the types of outdoor floor covering materials:

The construction of cement mortar floor is relatively simple, and the investment cost is not high;

 Marble floors are mainly laid in hotels, parks and other areas;

Terrazzo floor, the overall effect is good.

2. How to choose the ground material

Before choosing the ground material, you need to see where it needs to be installed. If it is a living room, you can choose the kind of soft and easy to clean material.

Personal aesthetics are also very important. When choosing decorative materials, you need to choose according to the indoor and outdoor decoration styles.

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