What does a high-quality sauna look like?

In modern society, there are various ways of leisure and health care, and sauna is one of the more common types. The word "sauna" comes from Finnish, which originally means "a wooden house without windows", so it also has the nickname of "Finnish bath". As a fashionable way of physical therapy, sauna is widely loved and sought after. In addition to this, the sauna also contains a party property, creating a new social space. So today, I will share with you a few "human high-quality" sauna room designs, let's take a look.

What does a human high-quality sauna look like?

This sauna project is located in Canada, on the northwest edge of a private island, and was completed in 2014. The project site used to be a large prehistoric rock formation, and the grotto was the source of inspiration for this project. The design team used state-of-the-art 3D technology to scan, model, and precisely manufacture wooden and metal parts to construct the grotto.

The simple outline of the project is in line with the client's desire to be close to the natural environment. Weathered wood panels hide the graceful curves of the interior space, and two porthole-like windows provide direct views of the lake on either side.

Different from the traditional sauna project, this project is a sauna room with a floating structure. wa_sauna is located in Seattle, USA. It was built in 2015 and put into use in September of the same year. Seattle is a city surrounded by water and famous for its long winters, and the local residents have always loved saunas, so building a sauna project is the most appropriate.
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