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What does a sauna need?

Bring a bath towel, a set of clothing to change after bathing, a bathing suit for public spaces and swimming, and a small towel. A small towel is used for health considerations to be placed on the wooden chairs in the sauna room. Before taking the sauna, you must first step into the dressing room, change your clothes and accessories, and then take a bath in the shower room before you can enter the sauna room.

Do Far Infrared Saunas Need Water? Of course, water is needed. The sauna room is mainly heated by the far-infrared sauna furnace. Water is poured on the sauna stone, and then steam is generated to fill the entire room. Therefore, the sauna room is also called a wet steam room.

Do not take a sauna on an empty stomach to avoid collapse. It is not advisable to take a sauna just after using the brain excessively or exercising intensely, as it will cause cerebral anemia or shock.

It is not suitable to take a sauna within half an hour after a full meal. This is because the high temperature will dilate the blood vessels of the skin, and a large amount of blood will flow back, thereby affecting the blood supply of the digestive organs and hindering the digestion and absorption of food.
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