What equipment does a sauna need

1. Sauna stove: Sauna stove is a kind of electric heating equipment, which uses the electric wire in the sauna stove to convert electrical energy into heat energy, so that the temperature in the sauna room rises and the effect of perspiration is achieved. High-quality heat-resistant and acid-resistant heating pipe; high-strength top cover; reinforced inner shell, firm and heat-resistant; uniform heating;

2. The sauna furnace consists of the sauna furnace body: the sauna furnace is made of high-quality stainless steel. It can withstand frequent use by people, so it can meet the needs of professional and high-level sauna enthusiasts. Even, comfortable heat is provided, and the electronic control controls accurately maintain the environmental parameters set in the room. The power is 3kw 6kw 9kw 10.5kw, 12 kw and 15 kw and so on.

3. Sauna furnace controller: The controller allows you to control various functions outside the sauna room. It is beautiful in appearance, excellent in durability, and has a waterproof cover for safe and reliable operation.
Sauna is a unique and particularly comfortable bathing method. As long as you go in for a short time, you will soon be sweating profusely, and you will feel that your body's stress has been released and you will feel invigorated. Especially in the cold winter, many people choose to go to the sauna to rest their bodies. In the smoky conservatory, the body is steamed and sweaty, which is very comfortable! The sauna needs a lot of equipment, but it still varies from person to person.

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