what equipment is in the sauna

What's in the sauna

The equipment in the sauna room includes: room body, sauna stove, thermostat, wooden chair, platform, thermal insulation cotton, sauna door, explosion-proof light, stove hoarding, wooden barrel, wooden spoon, thermometer, hourglass, sauna stone, air outlet. Among them, the number of panels for the wall panels and ceiling of the house is calculated according to the size; the wooden chairs include high reclining boards, low reclining boards and wooden sleepers.

Best time of day to sweat

The best time for sweat steaming in a day is noon. At noon, the yang qi is more abundant, which can improve the effect of hyperhidrosis, so as to achieve the effect of dispelling wind and cold, relieving muscle sweating, removing dampness and dredging collaterals, and is good for the symptoms caused by wind-cold-dampness. effect, but not for too long.

Which season is the best for the body?

Spring and summer are more suitable for steaming. Because all things recover in the spring, at this time, the human body's anger is also the most prosperous. Unsmoothing the liver and purging fire can easily lead to pain, and perspiration has the effect of soothing the liver and regulating qi.
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