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What is an infrared sauna?

If you like dry heat, chances are you've used a traditional sauna before. These saunas heat the air around you and typically operate at temperatures ranging from 180°F to 200°F (82.2°C to 93.3°C).

According to the North American Sauna Association, most saunas you see in home and commercial settings use electric sauna heaters. However, infrared saunas, which use the electromagnetic radiation of infrared lamps to directly heat your body rather than heating the air, are gaining popularity.

Sauna is considered a way to relax and reduce stress. They also relieve muscle and joint pain and provide general well-being. Other claimed benefits include detoxification, increased cardiovascular health and improved resistance to disease. There is no doubt about their popularity.

There are hundreds of models to choose from, from individual steam rooms to outdoor wood saunas for the whole family. However, the range of different sizes, materials, and the use of vapor or infrared technology can make selection difficult. The following articles survey the various options and focus on finding the best home sauna for a variety of aesthetic and practical needs.
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