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What is Sauna?

Generally speaking, a sauna is in a specially designed wooden house. A specially designed stove heats volcanic stones to generate high temperature. The temperature and humidity in the house can be adjusted according to the user's feelings and needs.

What is the service life of sauna equipment?

Many saunas that were installed more than a decade ago are still working and working perfectly.

What is the popularity of saunas?

There are more than 1 million saunas of various sizes serving 5 million Finns in Finland. In Europe and the United States, the ownership per 100 people is one-tenth that of Finland. With the development of science and technology in Japan, the ownership of Hong Kong and Taiwan is greatly increasing, while the ownership of the mainland is still very small, and it is just popular in the coastal areas. Due to the unique use and romantic atmosphere of sauna, it is becoming a fashion all over the world and a symbol of life taste, which is also the main reason why sauna is popular all over the world.

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