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What is the best home steam sauna box?

Sauna bath box is a new kind of beauty and health care product. Because it is easy to fold, store and use, it has gradually won the favor of the masses.

There are mainly far-infrared and steam sauna boxes on the market. Among them, the far-infrared sauna box emits far-infrared rays, so there is no need to take a bath after use, the body will not feel sticky, and the skin on the body will be smoother and more delicate; while the steam sauna The bath box will feel more enjoyable when using it.

In terms of price and function, home saunas are very cost-effective, and online sales are also very high. The first one is a steamer, with 1000w high power, fast heating, sufficient steam effect and great heat, exactly the same as the steam room. Four layers of thermal insulation fabric, good temperature locking ability. And it is very power-saving, less than 6 cents per hour, and it does not consume much power when used frequently. Water and electricity separation, anti-high pressure, anti-dry and anti-leakage are very safe.
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