What Is The Best Portable Sauna room?

Portable: The product is easy to fold and open without installation, the carrying case is the advantage of the product. Value for money: Enjoy a full body sauna with a hat on, a relaxing spa after a long day at work, and save yourself the expense of an outdoor spa.

The sauna box uses electricity, is it safe?
The portable sauna box has passed CE certification such as the European Union. The evaporator has an anti-dry burning system and an automatic power-off device, as well as a timing device, which can effectively set the use time. So in terms of safety, you can rest assured.

A customer asked, what is the customer base of the portable sauna?
Portable sauna customers are mainly for home use. With the availability of home appliances and household goods, there is a growing awareness of health and beauty. When this product enters the family, it can make life better, the quality is more elegant, the husband does not come home so late, the relationship is more harmonious, and everyone is happy.

The sauna box is so big, how to store it when not in use
Sauna boxes are all foldable portable bath boxes. When not in use, just wipe it clean, fold it up after drying, and put it in any corner of the home. Such as bed bottom, cabinet seam and so on.
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