What is the difference between a far infrared sauna box and a steam sauna box

Sauna boxes, also known as sauna barrels and sports perspiration machines, originated in Western Europe and were later introduced to the mainland through Hong Kong. It is a new beauty and health care product that has appeared in recent years. Because it is easy to fold, store and use, it has gradually won the favor of the masses. Its function is to use the principle of thermal therapy to achieve the effects of dredging the meridians, increasing blood circulation, detoxifying and beautifying the face.

Sauna boxes are divided into far-infrared sauna boxes and steam sauna boxes. What is the difference between the two? Are their functions the same?

The steam sauna box, using the principle of thermotherapy, uses a steam engine to deliver steam into the barrel, people sit in it, use the water vapor to fumigate the skin, increase the temperature of the body surface, accelerate the activity of skin cells, so that the surface of the skin can be stimulated. The capillaries are all stretched out, and the impurities accumulated in the skin folds are excreted through sweat to achieve the effect of dredging the meridians, increasing blood circulation, detoxifying and beautifying.

The main functions of the steam sauna box are: blood purification and detoxification, detoxification and sterilization, fatigue removal, activation of cells, strengthening of functions, weight loss, beauty and freckle removal, improvement of sleep, improvement of cold hands and feet, beauty and skin care.
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