What is the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi?

A hot tub is a large tub filled with water for spa, relaxation, or recreation. Some have powerful jets for massage purposes.

The massage bathtub comprises a cylinder body, a cylinder edge is arranged on the cylinder body, a shower and a switch are arranged on the cylinder edge, the cylinder body is circular, a surfing nozzle and a bubble jet are arranged in the cylinder body. The utility model has the characteristics of convenient bathing and good massage effect, and is a sanitary ware suitable for use in households, hotels and other places.

Jacuzzi is just a brand name for a hot tub. All brands will have different features and components to make them different from other hot tub brands. But instead of focusing on the name, buy a hot tub based on the quality and features that suit your budget and needs.

For most people, if you use a hot tub a lot, it's worth the money -- and don't mind the time and effort to maintain it. A hot tub can be an excellent luxury. However, unused hot tubs are an expensive waste of energy, and poorly maintained hot tubs can pose health risks.
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