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What is the experience of steaming in a Japanese sauna?

For sauna, most people only know about the sauna culture in Finland, but with the spread of sauna culture, sauna experiences with different characteristics in different countries have been formed. Among them, Japanese sauna is also widely known as a more distinctive sauna.

The earliest name of Japanese-style sauna is "Steaming Furu".

When it comes to the category of "Steaming Furu", there are differences in Japan in terms of regions, materials, etc.:

"Iwafuro" is mainly located in Japan's Seto Inland Sea and other coastal areas, and refers to the use of fire in caves such as natural grottoes. When a suitable temperature is reached, a mat is wetted with seaweed and sea water and spread on the ashes, and people lie on the mat and bathe;

"Nanafulu" refers to a semi-circular roof with a diameter of about 2 meters made of rocks, which is mainly distributed in the inland areas of the Japanese archipelago. It is first heated in the semi-dome, then ventilated, and covered with salt water. Wet mat, lying on the mat after entering from the lower entrance;

Before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Japanese saunas have always been loved by the Japanese people, but when the epidemic is raging, people not only hope to use saunas to relieve fatigue, relieve tension, and enhance immunity, but also want to maintain social distance, so Japanese single-person The demand for saunas continues to rise.
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