What is the Quality of the Sauna Cabin?

One of the most overlooked aspects when searching for an infrared sauna is the quality of the wood and the weight of the sauna cabin. When you purchase a cheap infrared sauna you will immediately notice how cheap the cabinetry and bench quality are.

The things you’ll notice will be a cheap feel to the bench–it will be thin and when you shift your weight on it, it will move with your body. Additionally, the wood will be very cheap and have a very odd smell to it that almost smells like it’s been treated with chemicals. Cheap woods will range from hemlock, pine and spruce. A lot of the time the wood hasn’t been kiln dried the correct way and as a result, it warps over time.

If you’re not going to use your sauna, what’s the point of buying it in the first place? What we do is different.

We have a fully ergonomic bench and backrest that contours to your back and body. It feels like sitting in a very comfortable rocking chair that was created to fit the contour of your back. This is the single most important thing that I like about our saunas.

We only use the highest quality wood–Western Red Canadian Cedar wood (which is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal).

We do not treat our woods with anything and are always 100 percent VOC free (volatile organic compounds). We kiln dry our wood down to ten percent water content to prevent any warping or cracking.
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