What is the right temperature in the sauna room

The temperature of the sauna room is generally between 50-100 degrees, the temperature of the dry steam room is high, and the temperature of the wet steam room will be lower. This has something to do with a person's tolerance! When it comes normally, the temperature of the dry steaming room can be adjusted to the range of 50-70 degrees, and the temperature of the wet steaming room can be adjusted to about 42 degrees!

What temperature is best for a sauna
In a high temperature and high humidity environment, people are prone to dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and other symptoms of organ hypoxia. The deaths caused by sauna use are because the heart and brain organs are important organs of the human body, and there is not much blood oxygen reserve. Once ischemia and hypoxia occur, it will strike within 10 minutes, which is often referred to as the halo pool. High temperature and high humidity environment is easy to make people's heart beat faster, blood pressure rises, cold water immersion will slow down heartbeat, blood pressure drops, and blood pressure alternation will seriously damage cardiovascular function, and promote heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. High temperature alone is more harmful, it is easy to cause water loss, body temperature imbalance, the skin cannot perform normal breathing, and cardiovascular dysfunction. If the temperature exceeds 90℃, it will cause harm to the human body. The temperature that is generally suitable for people is dry steaming at 80°C~85°C, but the temperature suitable for Orientals is 45°C~60°C, and it is best for people not to exceed 10 minutes in high temperature.
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