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What kind of wood is suitable for a sauna? How about hemlock?

What kind of wood is suitable for a high-quality sauna?

Our analysis found that hemlock, sourced from specific Canadian forests and aged over a period of time, is an option for saunas.

The color difference is obvious and the layers are distinct, from light to brown and coffee, with rich color changes; the hemlock imported from Canada is generally uniform light yellow.

Hemlock logs have a long growth period, the diameter at breast height can reach 3 meters, and the hemlock is 1.6 meters. Vertical slices are mostly used, and the plates are natural and beautiful.

Hemlock is a wood from the cold regions of North America. It is a soft broad-leaved tree with high toughness and is not easy to deform. It can adapt to the cracking and deformation of wood caused by changes in temperature and heat. It has high fat content and excellent moisture resistance. , Beautiful texture, bright color, light and odorless, rich in natural antiseptic and insecticidal substances, not easy to rot and moth-eaten, it is an excellent choice for high-end furniture in northern Europe, and it is the world's lowest allergic wood. Those with allergies are the best option.
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