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What role can sauna play during the epidemic?

Under the epidemic, what role can sauna play?

During the raging period of the epidemic, epidemic prevention especially emphasized reducing daily social interaction, avoiding close contact, and preferably isolating at home. This coincides with the Finnish tradition of steaming at home.

This also makes us wonder, can sauna play a certain protective role in the new crown epidemic?

When the epidemic broke out in 2020, some experts proposed: "56 degrees and 30 minutes, the virus will die"! On the other hand, Roger Seheult, an American clinical doctor, did such an experiment. Can steaming in a sauna reduce the chance of contracting the common cold?

He invited 50 people who did not use the sauna, of which 25 people used the sauna, and the remaining 25 people did not use the sauna. After 6 months of follow-up, the experimental results showed that people who took the sauna had the least chance of contracting a cold, especially in the last three months, the number of colds was only half of the control group.

The results of this study have once again proved effective: sauna, to a certain extent, can improve human immunity.

In addition, researchers from Bristol and Eastern Finland looked at 2,210 middle-aged Finnish men whose health was tracked for more than a quarter of a century. Although it is uncertain how saunas reduce the risk of respiratory disease, it is theorized that the heat generated by saunas can reduce lung congestion and improve gout.
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