What should I bring with me for the first time in the sauna?

1. Bath Amenities

You need to take a bath before sweating, so you need to bring shower gel, bath towels and other items when you sweat, but you don't need to bring shampoo, because you can't wash your hair before sweating to avoid hair loss. Of course, if you feel you need to change your clothes, you can bring your own set of clothes.

2. Underpants

Because it is recommended to wear underwear when sweating, steam clothes must be changed to underwear. If you forget, you can also go to the store to consult disposable underwear.


1. Before entering the sauna room, you need to clean up thoroughly, including removing makeup.

2. It is not advisable to have a full or empty stomach before the sauna. It is necessary to eat something in moderation to fill the stomach.

3. Sauna is based on ultra-low temperature sweating profusely to achieve the desired practical effect. Therefore, a certain amount of water needs to be added before the sauna.

4. When entering the sauna, wear loose cotton clothes and pants, which will be more comfortable. This generally does not need to be prepared in advance by yourself. The general sauna room is shown in the figure.

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