What to bring with you for the sauna

What to bring for sweat steaming

Before going to the steam room, there are some things you must bring for your convenience. But some people will forget to bring something when they go there for the first time. What items do you need to bring? To learn more, you can continue reading:

1. Towel

During the steaming process, people will sweat a lot. When sweating too much can clog pores, it is best to wipe it off a little. At this point, wipe the sweat with a clean towel. It is best to prepare two, one is soaked in sweat, and then the other is wiped.

2. Sweat clothes

You should also bring sweat steaming clothes. It is best to have strong ventilation, because in the steaming room, the temperature is high. If the clothes are not breathable, people are easy to get stuffy. If you don't have a steaming suit, wear thin summer clothes to the steaming room or buy a set.

3. Disposable underwear

Some people will also wear disposable underwear, because during the steaming process, the sweat will become wet, so they should be replaced in time.
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