What types of saunas are there?

What is a sauna?
The sauna is heated to a certain temperature. They usually have unpainted wood interiors and temperature controls.

What is a sauna for?
The purpose of a sauna is to warm up your body. Let the body sweat to achieve a certain effect.

Wood Saunas
These are the oldest and most authentic dry sauna methods that do not require electricity. Also known as "savusauna", they are Finnish-style saunas. A wood-fired sauna uses an open flame to heat a pile of rocks that must withstand the heat without cracking or damaging. Rocks such as peridotite, basalt, and amphibole are often used, which are unweathered quarries that can withstand the stress of high temperatures.

Electrically Heated Saunas
Another option is an electrically heated sauna. These use an electric stove or other similar heat source such as propane or natural gas. Thanks to its heating design, electric heated saunas are clean, fast and convenient.

Infrared Saunas
With an infrared sauna, the air around you doesn't get as hot as in a traditional sauna. They switched to infrared lamps, which use electromagnetic radiation. Infrared saunas can operate between 120-140° F (49-60° C) compared to traditional saunas, which have a typical temperature range of 150-180° F (65-82° C). Infrared saunas are designed to allow heat to penetrate deeper and more directly into your skin than simple hot air. Therefore, you will experience more intense sweating while using an infrared sauna.

Steam Rooms
Steam rooms are common in Eastern European and Turkish traditions. They have damp heat properties and typically operate around 104° F (40° C). The main heat source is steam. So to make these hotter, you have to add more steam to them.

So far, I believe that everyone has understood the knowledge about sauna, so, what style of sauna do you want? Don't worry, you can browse our website and choose the sauna that suits you.
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