What You Need to Know Before Buying an Infrared Sauna

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Infrared Sauna Brand

Outdoor saunas are a great choice for families all year round

Whether it's under the sun or under the moonlight, make your sauna unique. Australia has the most intense sunshine in the world, and the outdoor recreation market is closely related to our culture. Indoor saunas just don't scratch that itch. We follow the cedar wood aesthetic to complement any backyard. Our interior cabins are made from western Canadian cedar wood, you can learn more about which wood type to use here. Some sauna brands choose cheaper Canadian hemlock to save money, but if you look online, you will find that cedar is the best choice for any sauna.

A one-stop shop for a range of add-on health products

When choosing a sauna brand, you should not only consider high-quality saunas and high-quality services. Saunas produce radiant heat that relaxes and rejuvenates the body through a sweat, but why stop there? Being able to buy free products and add-ons after you've been in the sauna for a while is a great feature. Offers a range of add-ons that can be integrated to further enhance your skin and body experience beyond just sweat. You can buy items that are already on our website.

Outdoor saunas can cost a lot

Outdoor sauna models are expensive, and that's before you landscaping your outdoor space. You don't want to add extra running costs to that price tag. Many saunas have inefficient heater placement. An indoor sauna is also important. Look at how tall the heaters are in the cabin space, if they are higher than shoulder height, chances are your hourly operating costs will be higher than the other heaters.

Are you someone who loves the outdoors?

Why wait to take your backyard up a notch and beautify your space? Not only will an infrared sauna become an eye-catching centerpiece in your outdoor area, but it will also become your own personal spa. That way, no matter what the season (or global circumstances) throws at you, you can always retreat to your luxurious outdoor sanctuary and surround yourself with pure wellness. Outdoor infrared saunas are all the rage, and for good reason—they offer a ton of benefits.
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