Where should I put my home sauna?

Generally speaking, as long as there is a free space in the home, you can put it. Bedrooms, shading balconies, study rooms, bathrooms and other light-wave rooms are delivered to your home and assembled and plugged in for use.

There are actually two types of family saunas, one is a steam room and the other is a sauna. The difference between the two is obvious. If you see a stove, a stone, and a faucet in the room, it is a sauna. There is no such thing. The equipment is the steam room. The venue preparation conditions for the two are different, so it’s up to you to see which one you want to do first.

It is recommended to set the exhaust port under the pallet in the sauna room, and keep it away from the ventilation port as much as possible. Exhaust vents can be located near the floor, or through special exhaust pipes extending from the ground to vents under the sauna ceiling or doors. In this case, the chute should reach at least 5cm, and the shower room should have forced ventilation. The exhaust port should be twice the size of the intake port.

The preparation of the sauna room can be simple or complex. The first is the height. It should be 2.2 meters. It does not need to be too high. It is enough to hang a ceiling that is too high. The wall is also like the wall of the steam room.
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