Which Finnish saunas have you tried?

smoke sauna

It is precisely because of their deep love for sauna that Finns have developed various sauna methods, the oldest of which is the smoke sauna.

In Finland, in order to keep warm, the ancient lumberjacks would use wood to boil water in the wooden house, and the smoke and steam of the burning wood evaporate together, and the steamers sweat profusely. For sauna fundamentalists, a smoke sauna is the real sauna.

An authentic smoke sauna has a stove without a chimney, and the walls of the sauna are covered in carbon black. Sauna owners generally let guests in when the wood is burning enough to stop smoking.

Cable car sauna

Maybe it's not enough to take a sauna on the ground, so the Finns simply built a sauna on the cable car. They developed the world's first sauna gondola on Mount Yulas in Levi, Finland.

The sauna cable car looks unremarkable, but there is something special inside. The inner wall of the cable car is all solid wood. After heating, the smell of logs will come out. Through the window, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yulas Mountain. If you are lucky, you can even hang in high school to enjoy the gorgeous aurora in Finland.

lakeside sauna

Finland has 187,888 large and small lakes, so such a good resource cannot be wasted. The temperature of the sauna room is as high as 80 degrees, and it takes a long time to cool down naturally. In order to cool down quickly, the Finns have developed a natural cooling method with the help of geography:

After the sauna, jump straight into the lake!

But what about in winter, when the cold lake is frozen, what should I do? Smash the ice with the Finnish specialty Nokia and jump into the lake! Finns believe that the temperature difference of this "ice and fire" will not only not harm your body, but it is also very beneficial to relieve fatigue and promote metabolism!

Igloo Sauna

In addition to lakes, the most important thing in Finland in winter is ice and snow. Finnish people think about it, let's take a sauna in an igloo!

The temperature in the sauna room is as high as 80 degrees, and the temperature in the smoke sauna reaches 100 degrees. When you are steaming, the aroma of meat wafts out of your pores. At this time, you must cool yourself down. How to do it? There is snow outside the sauna, get out!

mobile sauna

If you think that saunas are all houses, then you are really too naive. With the unremitting efforts of the whole people, all kinds of mobile sauna rooms were born!

Sauna tent, a tent and stove, the total weight is only 40 kg, can be towed by bicycle; sauna car, the best choice when going out for picnics and camping; sauna boat, sauna directly on the lake, directly after steaming the sauna Jump into the lake to cool off.

In Finland, the sauna is a long social event, and steaming, resting, and steaming is the norm.

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