Which is better, Sauna Red Cedar or Hemlock?

Hemlock belongs to the pine family, with a clear and beautiful texture. Many people use it in home decor. It is imported from Canada. It's not expensive, but has solid performance. It looks good when made, but unfortunately it's not preservative wood. In terms of painting, the area is large, the thickness is large, and it is not easy to rot and mildew, but the humidity will still react! Therefore, the hemlock used in the decoration of the family steam room is mainly for good looks. From a high end point of view, not suitable for wet environments like basements!

Red cedar is insect and corrosion resistant, so no painting is required.

Therefore, in the decoration of the wooden family steam room, the anti-corrosion and waterproofing of Finnish wood, hemlock and red cedar should be compared, so it should be redwood-Finnish wood-hemlock!

Western Canadian red cedar is a very popular choice of sauna wood because of its unique aroma when heated. If you want your sauna to smell good, then you go straight to red cedar.
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