Which Is Better? Steam Rooms or Saunas

The difference between a steam room and a sauna
1. Heating method

The steam room obtains high temperature by heating water, which is injected into the room. The sauna room is directly heated by electric heating equipment (carbon crystal heating plate, ceramic heater, etc.) and will release heat to increase the temperature in the room.

2. Temperature and humidity

The normal temperature in a sauna room is 70°C, while the temperature in a steam room is usually lower, below 54 degrees. Although the temperature of the vapor chamber is lower, the humidity is 100%. The difference is that the humidity in the sauna room is around 40%.

3. Use effect

The benefits of sweating

1. Beauty and beauty. In the process of sweating, the cells in the skin become active, which accelerates the elimination of toxins in the skin, making the skin fully absorbent and elastic. After several times of sweating, the skin is obviously whitened.

2. Lose weight. In the process of sweat steaming, the fat in the body begins to burn faster. Therefore, sweat steaming has a certain effect of weight loss and body sculpting.

3. Reduce stress. In the process of sweating, people can fully relax, mental pressure begins to release, and physical tension can be relieved.

4. Accelerate metabolism. In the process of sweating, the body temperature rises, the blood circulation is accelerated, the metabolic process is accelerated, and the dirt in the body is easily excreted in the process of sweating.

5. Improve physical condition. If your body is in a sub-healthy state, you can do several times of steaming. After a period of time, the sub-healthy state will be significantly improved.

Disadvantages of sweating

1. After sweating, it is easy to receive the invasion of rheumatism and cold poison. During the process of sweating, the cells become more active. Once the sweating is over, the temperature drops sharply or the wind blows, so it is vulnerable to the invasion of cold air.

2. Although steaming can have the effect of losing weight, after the steaming is over, there may be unbearable hunger. At this time, a large amount of diet may cause obesity to rebound.

The sauna room is dry steaming and does not contain moisture. It is especially suitable for patients with rheumatism. After steaming, the nose will be relatively comfortable, but the skin will be relatively dry after steaming, so add moisture; the steam room is wet steaming, and most ladies will choose wet steaming. , because after steaming, the skin will be smoother and more hydrated than before.

"Both the steam room and the sauna are able to create a temporary fever, or raise the body's temperature - a process called hyperthermia, which is a very beneficial effect on the body. Both groups have the same effect, This is a very important commonality between a steam room and a sauna. If you have breathing problems and allergies, a steam room is a better choice (as opposed to a sauna) because the moist air will help clear the sinuses and breathing passages. Steam is effective in relieving sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma and even colds or other ailments that can be relieved by moist air."
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