Which sauna is the best?

Which is the best home sauna? Home Sauna Buying Guide!

The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, people are very tired after a day of work, and many products for decompression and fatigue have emerged. Home sauna room is one of them. The home sauna room will move the sauna into the home and enjoy the sauna easily.

So which is the best home sauna?

1. Look at the size of the sauna room

There are two types of saunas on the market, one can be freely moved to any position (such as a far-infrared sauna), and the other can be fixedly installed. According to the size and height of your own bathroom, you can determine whether the sauna room is free to move or choose a fixed installation. If the bathroom area is small and there is no separate place for the sauna room to be installed.

At this time, it is best to buy a single-person sauna. It only needs four square meters at least, and it can be moved freely, installed and disassembled at will, and placed in the bathroom, living room, bedroom and other places.

The far-infrared sauna room installed in the home sauna room belongs to the small one.

The installation of a double sauna room requires a bathroom of about 10 square meters, and its minimum height is not less than 2 meters to meet the requirements.

2. Look at the material of the sauna board

There are many boards that can be used for sauna rooms, among which iron sand and red cedar are relatively expensive, and the first-class wood for sauna rooms is the first choice. However, if you have concerns about your own economic conditions, you can also choose relatively cheap ordinary wood that is not easily deformed, durable and anti-corrosion, which has little effect on the sauna effect.

3. Check whether your power supply is 220V or 380V

Generally, the home will be equipped with two different voltages, 220V or 380V. When choosing a sauna room for home use, we must check whether the sauna room equipment needs to be equipped with 220V or 380V electricity. Try to avoid ignoring the information on the power supply. When you buy the equipment, you find that it cannot be installed, which is a big loss.

4. Look at the brand reputation

We usually use the sauna for a long time, so don’t be reluctant to spend money. Currently, the most widely used and best-reputed brands are relatively expensive, but only in this way can the quality be guaranteed.

5. Look at after-sales service

Sauna is a long-term product in daily life, and its after-sales service is very important to users. Generally speaking, excellent products will be equipped with perfect after-sales service, which will not only make you look at your heart, use them comfortably, but also let you sell them with confidence, so that you have no worries.
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